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Tint Advice is the ultimate spot for window tinting, paint protection film and more. All of our work is guaranteed to be high-quality and comes with a reasonable warranty. We've been at this for a while, so you can count on a superb installation that will last for years to come.

We offer three levels of high-quality window film for cars. Our entry level package comes with a 7-year warranty, and our next two packages are lifetime guaranteed against any cracking, fading, peeling or bubbling. The quality products we carry have a manufacturer's warranty and a guarantee from our company. You're double-covered! Our entry level package is good for most people—enough coverage for two car trade-ins nearly! Our film comes with top-notch UV protectant coating, and some of the highest solar energy rejection on the market. We can also match factory tint in most cases to near perfection.

We vow to only carry the best paint protection film, install to the highest standard, and guarantee our work fully! Our installers have experience doing many different luxury and exotic cars. Rest assured, we can help keep your paint in the same condition for many years. The film we use has been thoroughly tested against orange peel, yellowing, cracking and deterioration. We carry gloss or matte film to match your car's finish, offer paint protection care kits, tips on keeping the film looking its best, and a superior installation. Don't wait another day to protect your vehicle. Your car is an investment.

Custom cut vinyl tailored to your car. We do custom graphics, hoods roofs, and full body wraps. The vinyl you can buy online is not the same! We only carry the most trusted brands in the industry and know what it takes to provide some most modern vinyl customizations out there. Our work is guaranteed and so is your satisfaction. We're prepared to offer advice and tips on the look you want for your vehicle. Consultations are expected and encouraged, so don't hesitate to contact us and ask questions about customizations.

Keeping your home or office cool in the summer isn't always easy and definitely not cheap. Tint Advice carries a dual reflective premium quality film that's guaranteed to keep the sun out of your home. Expensive rugs, carpets, and your home's interior are fully protected from the sun's damaging UV rays! No project is too small or big, and our work—guaranteed. Contact us for a free consultation. We're prepared to provide not only the most reasonable pricing but guarantee you will feel safe about choosing our products and services and having us in your home or business.

Great products with no compromises

At Tint Advice, we pledge to only use quality materials while providing the best installation possible. Our installers have years of experience at doing professional car customizations, residential and business solar control solutions. We make it our business to assure customer satisfaction, and we guarantee it.

“Professional, courteous, skilled and prompt. Great pricing. Performed an excellent job. Will use again. Highly recommended. A film master!”

Paul Rosenboom

“I had a great experience and my car looks amazing. Very professional and I recommend them to all.”

Brice Peel

Window tinting solutions

We make it easy to decide on window tint for your car, which is why we offer three levels of affordability and excellence. All tint products come with a warranty, so you can feel confident about your purchase.


Perfect for most situations and cars

  • Guaranteed expert Installation

  • Decent heat & solar rejection

  • Good clarity & scratch coat

  • Fast curing and drying time

  • 7-year warranty


For the tint connoisseur and enthusiast

  • Guaranteed expert installation

  • Great heat & solar rejection

  • Optimal scratch coat & clarity

  • Quick-cure installation

  • Guaranteed lifetime warranty


Ultimate performance and premium quality

  • Guaranteed expert installation

  • Top IR-blocking technology

  • Superior clarity & visibility

  • Durable nanotechnology film

  • Guaranteed lifetime warranty